Many People see Haiti as a fragile case. Even some Haitian children who normally represent the hope and the future of this country are not totally faithful and committed in doing some changes. Some people even think that, for a better Haiti; the Haitians should leave the country and go somewhere else. We all know it is not true because it is clear that the Haitian people have a strong spirit, a rich culture and an interesting historical base. The general situations have not really improved except got worse in some way. There exist serious campaigns to destroy all the important social and cultural values that have been indispensable to our identity. The efforts of those who want to be good to/for Haiti are very much appreciated. Therefore corruption increases because of impunity and economic crisis.  Our nation, the former “pearl of the Antilles” continues to suffer…  



REFLOURISH HOPE IN THE MINDS OF THE HAITIANS TRHOUGH SOLIDARITY ACTIONS.The role of PC Port-au-Prince: Through very simple ways we can work to improve the situation. In collaboration with other institutions our help will contribute to the reconstruction of our beloved Haiti Thomas Cherie. (Beloved Haiti Thomas) Our big commitment is to work in the field of peace education, active nonviolence and mediation projects, thus the culture and promotion of peace in Haiti (Mission Statement, art. 2.1). At first, we will act in Port-au-Prince. Action groups from our churches will be formed to be involved in many social, spiritual, economic, or even “political” projects. We plan to have different branches working all over the country, spreading the philosophy of peace and reconciliation of our Pax Christi Port-au-Prince section.     Our projects will be made possible with the prayers of our brothers and sisters all over the world and secondly by assuring partnerships with local and international institutions, such as: PC USA, PC INTERNATIONAL, JILAP (Justice and peace) , PTP(Parish Twinning Program), BRAVORPA ( Volunteer hands for the reconstruction of the pearl of the Antilles), ANTWAN IZMERY CENTER FOR PEACE, FONKOZE (an alternative bank), AKAT (Catholic Actions For the Abolition of Tortures), LIFE AND PEACE Org. and others.  For now we are focusing on the following program and activities as they are the most urgent for us.  The program and activities: We have agreed to work on projects all focused on the promotion of active nonviolence, peace education and reconciliation in Haiti. We may add some more points when needed,A-    PAX CHRISTI PORT-AU-PRINCE CONNECTION PROGRAMB    PAX CHRISTI PORT-AU-PRINCE PEACE EDUCATION PROGRAM1. WORKSHOPS2        PEACE  AWARD ACTIVITY3        NEWS LETTER4         WEB SITE5          LIBRARY (study and research)  DETAILS A. —  PAX CHRISTI PORT-AU-PRINCE CONNECTION PROGRAMObjective:        Create connections with other sections of Pax Christi all over the world, other local and international institutions. Keep them updated in our activities and invite them to come and participate with us by sending brochures and copies of projects. As we are a new chapter, their experience and ideas will help us make proper decisions in developing our program.   Expectations:          Through the connections we hope to find financial support from those who believe in our actions. We also hope to gain access to professionals with specific skills that will aid in the development of our projects by volunteering for training our members.    B. —PAX CHRISTI  PORT-AU-PRINCE  PEACE EDUCATION PROGRAMB-1-     WORKSHOPS Objectives:   In our mission Statement it’s written that training courses and workshops on active nonviolence, reconciliation and mediation will be organized for purposes of allowing people a better understanding of the Christ’s philosophy of peace; and to become active with us.   Method:         We hope to have Voluntary Priests and other specialists on the matter willing to expose on culture of peace, mediation by active nonviolence, the respect of human rights, etc.….    Subjects of current religious events, reflections and comments will be also exposed with the profit of school students, academics and any other people who will want to take part.   B-2          PEACE AWARD ACTIVITYObjective: The Haitian society won’t make any serious progress if we don’t invest in the children. This program consists to organize competitions (sport, culture, literature, etc.) with children between 10 and 17 years old and reward the winners for best non violent behavior, or best text / painting that show the most the idea of the active nonviolence. That  prize will have for goal to  promote the spirit of a peace worker in the mind of the Haitian children.  Method: a) Provide documentation on peace in schools that will subscribe their children to the program. The documents will help them have more interest by teaching them the concepts. b) Start competitions that will be related to their knowledge of peace and more importantly their own experience with peace. c) Decide what the prize could be, something that will encourage parents and young people to become a peace worker.     

B-3-           NEWS LETTER

Objectives and points:

  1. Help people see that life can be better with a nonviolent way of living. A part of the newsletter will be called “10 seconds”. This is the time necessary to think before one takes a decision that could have violent and awful effects in the future. Through little stories taken from current life we will show concretely the importance of thinking first to act peacefully.
  2. Reevaluate some important moral, social or spiritual values, such as: truth, solidarity, honesty, charity, etc. We will open our PO box to receive stories and facts related to things happening in the country that tell about positive action, because too many people loose hope for ignoring that there’s a way one can act with no violence at all.
  3. Meditate on verses taken from the bible that are related to peace, love, justice, help, solidarity, prayer and hope and others. Some prayers will be written to remind the readers about JESUS, our teacher, the non violent
  4. Offer family advice for family matters and one will be able to write to us or call us, and we will be happy to respond to people’s request for ideas. People who are in the same situation will benefit from the experiences.

     e. Other subjects that will come in the future with our experience on the ground.    B-4-          WEB SITE Objectives : a) Develop a web site for our projects in order to let the world know about the work we do and the projects we have; stay connected to the other sections and keeping them updated on our program. b) People who never visit Haiti will find very credible information on Haiti. We will use the site to extend our different activities plans and our philosophy. We want to be a voice for Haiti to the entire world.  c)  Use it to post some local products for sale: Another way to raise some money        B-5-             LIBRARY (study & research) Objective: Have a place where people that are interested in peace, non violence, nonviolent conflict resolution and other values of our philosophy can find a free space to study and know more. That library will be open to school students, university students, professionals etc. It will help the people find books and materials that are really rare in this field.  We think that we can not explore those values without documentation. And it is clear that in Haiti there is no library that is open to a large public that has such materials.

Method: Be connected to different institution that can provide financial help to afford those materials and others that can offer directly books and other materials. We plan to have that library open to the large public in a corner that can be very accessible. That will help even some of our programs to be more possible with the materials available through the models and examples taking from different documents. We hope to find a space that can be used for our office and the library.