A short biography of two peace workers that have started a peace education project in Haiti


This year brings the sixth anniversary of the commitment of Daniel Tillias as a peace worker. Daniel Tillias is 29, married with one wonderful woman: Elisabeth Darius who gave him a lovely daughter, Liz Angela and a son, Younme that he prays will be follower of Christ’s mission as he is trying to be for his all life.

Daniel integrates the movement with 9 other members. They were all friends that were called to do something for peace in Haiti. The 10 people who started Pax Christi in Haiti that was in its second try, are  believers that Haiti needs to have a new voice raised for peace as the real alternative to solutions for this nation experiencing so much violence during its existence.

Daniel is now the Program Director of Pax Christi Haiti. He is in charge of the main council with 3 other members engaged in the cause of peace. His commitment is a much estimated gift for a future of non violence in the country. Daniel has   great experiences with the situation of violence.  He grew up in his first years in the biggest slum of Haiti where his dad was called to run a church there. During his early childhood, he had experienced misery of the sad neighborhood and understood violence that comes as a repercussion in the late 90s until now. His time living next to the people from the grassroots  may be one of the biggest reasons why he wanted to always stand by the others though a better understanding of a new way to emphasize the work of peace in the mentality of the people.

After high school he went to law school and   wanted to create a new generation of lawyer working for the best of justice and for the less fortunate who for longtime have been marginalized by the “Haitian legal system” .

Daniel has worked as a law trainee in one of the biggest law firms in Haiti that was working with the victims of the 91 coup in Haiti.  Daniel has not achieved his studies in law. His dream is to start a real project where the less fortunate would have access to justice as everyone can here. This is a very difficult project in a country like Haiti where the legal system is very fragile. Any attack will be a strong threat to the people who for longtime have violated the basics rights of the majority.

Daniel really believes that the future of the Haiti’s children can be better. He emphasized a lot on hope. This is exactly the title of a poem book that he has co-published with Junior St-Vil his good friend and also a peace worker like him. Daniel also published a little report book about new way to do sports adapted to the culture of peace. That project was a very good experience of the    Pax Christi Haiti section in summer 2003.

Daniel was in a delegation of Pax Christi to attend the Pax Christi USA national conference in Pittsburgh this past summer. He also attended a three month class of English for lawyers at University of Pittsburgh, PA.

Daniel is also active in other projects like The Tainos Agency and The Kledev Group.

Day after day the commitment of Daniel is still and he is going everywhere to raise the voice of dialogue, reconciliation, tolerance and truth for another Haiti with peace and non violence. He is reachable at “ and his pocket number is: 011 509 412 4099 / 558 9157

      Junior ST VIL   

Junior St-Vil was born in May 24 in 1977 in Port-au-prince. He was lucky to be one of   those Haitian children to complete high school and have some University degrees in Haiti. Junior was in a Haitian American boarding school for seven (7) years where he learned English because of the American volunteer teachers. He did some studies in economics (not completed) for three years after he graduated from high school in June 1996. He has been all his life a silent person that is always thinking inside and figuring out plans for schools, other people’s problems, and general concerns and mostly the tragic history of his country: Why can’t Haiti have peace? Why most of the people are so poor and a few so rich? Why is there always so much violence in the country…? All those questions, all the experiences in his personal life as Haitian have brought him to work for a sustainable society with forgiveness, justice thus peace for everyone. As a young Catholic Christian, Junior has taken part in many youth groups such as scouts, kiro and some local youth groups. Ha has also served as a musician, playing piano in the church.


Junior has worked as an interpreter since 2000 for the Haiti Parish Twinning Program and Visitation House where he met a lot of interpreter friends and some people that were involved in some peace activities and projects (Antwan Izmery Memorial Projects). He proposed to the Director of the House (Ron Voss) to start an English school that would serve the youth in the neighborhood, and created a textbook that was used in the classes. The English school grew fast and became a very serious place in the neighborhood of Delmas for everyone who wants to learn English for absolutely free to go.

The same year, Junior was called with nine other friends (mostly interpreters) to join Pax Christi and renew the section that already existed in Haiti but was closed for lack of means and “people”.   He accepted to join that noble movement for peace and worked on revitalizing the section of Pax Christi in Haiti. He served as Development Director in the council.  For the past two years, as the former executive Director of Pax Christi Haiti left the country for political persecutions, Junior has served as executive Director. He attended the Pax Christi Young Adult forum in Miami in July 2004 at Barry University leaded by Power U and Pax Christi USA and took part in the National assembly as well. He said a few words of hope to the attendants.

The tools Junior gathered in the forum are translated into Creole and he looks forward to printing and making copies in order to use them with his people in Haiti.


He had a great experience as an international observer in the US elections in November 2004. He observed in Miami Dade, Miami Beach and Broward counties.

 In April 2004he made a trip to Indianapolis, Nashville and Grand rapids to speak to the people about the situation in Haiti and the work he’s doing in Haiti as a member of Pax Christi. He has also attended the Pax Christi USA national conference this year in Pittsburgh. He has made a couple trips to the US to talk in schools, Universities and religious congregations about Peace and economic Human rights in Haiti. He looks forward to using all his skills and experiences to build Another Haiti.

He is a married man with a 4 year old son, has published a Creole book for English spoken people, an English text book for Haitians to learn English and a poem book he has co-authored with Daniel Tillias, the program Director of Pax Christi Haiti that is now being used as a fundraiser for Pax Christi Haiti’s projects.

Junior has started a new travel service for Individuals, medical, historical and tourist delegations that visit the country. He provides with interpreters, drivers, trips facilitators and arranges for car rentals, hotel reservations, special visits and meetings. He has a good staff of people that know the country very well and can arrange  meetings with officials, human rights institutions , visits in the prisons, etc…He is the executive Director of that service called : The Tainos, He is also the co-founder of a new group that is involved economic development projects in Haiti, Kledev, Haiti needs to improve its economic situation so peace can be more freely preached.

He can be reached at: 011 509 558 8143 / 416 3437